Friendship Ministry

Sharing God’s love with people who have intellectual disabilities and enabling them to become an active part of God’s family.

Our Friendship program will begin on Monday, October 16th. 

Who We Are

Friendship Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help churches and organizations around the world share God’s love with people who have intellectual disabilities.

What does a Friendship group look like?

Groups and One-On-One Relationships

Friendship is all about building relationships between mentors and friends. It’s not always clear who is learning from whom! It is a process of bringing the family of God together to learn more about God’s love.
Here’s how it works:
Sessions often start in a large group with singing, sharing, praying together, and hearing a Bible lesson.
The lesson is told by a storyteller and usually includes group participation, often in drama format.
This is followed by one-on-one time, where mentors and friends meet to go over materials related to the Bible lesson; often this time includes activities, prayer, and memory work.
The smaller groups finish with snack and social time
Finally, the groups come together for a prayer circle and Shalom song.
This is our sixteenth (16th) year of Friendship Ministry in Leduc. What a great decade and a half it's been as a group!

We meet Monday evenings, from 7:00-8:15 pm. Beginning the Monday after Thanksgiving in October and finishing the end of April.

Contact: Carolyn DeKlerk - (780) 920-5360