Jason Dahlman
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First, some good news:


The good news today is that even though the days will be a little colder for the remainder of this week, they’re also getting longer. The sun came up around 8:30 this morning and won’t go down until about 5:00 this evening. And tomorrow the sun will be up just a little longer than today. That’s good news!


Prayer requests:

Please continue to pray for our church as we continue the process to find 4 new elders and 2 new deacons. Pray for clarity for those who are considering whether or not to allow their name to stand. Pray that our church council will continue to seek and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we will have the grace to follow wherever He leads with humility and love.


Devotional thought:


“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105.


I’m guessing you’re familiar with that verse above. You probably know the popular tune that goes with it. Here’s something you might not know about this verse. The word “feet” is a translation of the Hebrew word לְרַגְלִ֥י and in the original Hebrew it’s a singular noun. “Foot.” Think about that.


The verse is telling us that God’s word illuminates the path before us and helps us to know where to go. That’s a comforting picture. I like to imagine God’s word shining brightly before me and then I look and see a narrow path stretching out before me. 


But sometimes God’s word gives us just enough light to see the next step and nothing more. It’s a light to our foot. We don’t know the future and we don’t even know where the path will lead us two steps from now. But we can see the next step. We can see far enough to know what faithfulness will look like for the very next step. And that’s sufficient. So we step forward in faith and we trust after we’ve taken that step, God will light up the next step. 


God, your word is a lamp to my foot. And one step at a time I will slowly but surely walk the path of faithfulness as you lead me by the light of your word. 


May you find joy and blessing in all your steps today. 

With love and prayers,

Pastor Jason