Jason Dahlman
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A Devotional Thought for Today (and a “heads up”): 


Whenever there is a human crisis the vultures will swoop and try to get a meal out of it. Already one member of our congregation has received an email from someone claiming to be me (though not using my actual email address) and asking for money to buy grocery cards. Can you believe it? Trying to profit from other people’s goodwill and generosity! Sadly, I suppose I can believe it. In the words of Qoheleth, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” 


So let me be crystal clear. While it is true that I have encouraged people to continue being generous and giving to the church and to other ministries during this pandemic, I will never, ever, under no circumstances, ever contact you personally and ask you to give money or gift cards directly to me. Never. 


On the other hand, if someone claiming to be me contacts you asking you to send ice-cream and chocolate…that probably really is me and it’s probably a real emergency and you should probably send it right away. (I’m entirely kidding. The last thing I need during these low-activity days is a bunch of chocolate).


And here’s the devotional thought. I found myself thinking bad thoughts about this heartless individual who would take advantage of this situation in such a shameless and selfish way. And then during my morning devotions I read this from the mouth of our Savior: “But to you who listen I say, Love your enemies, do well by those who hate you, Bless those cursing you, pray for those reviling you.” (Luke 6:27-28)


Isn’t that just like the Lord to convict me of my sin when I’m in the middle of judging someone else? So instead of cursing that person who’s trying to leverage this pandemic to line his pockets, I prayed for him. 


Perhaps you can think of someone who has harmed, cursed or reviled you in the past. Perhaps the most Christlike thing you can do today is pause right now and pray for that person.


It’s only Wednesday and I am already looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday. 

Grace and peace to you,

Pastor Jason