Jason Dahlman
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An announcement:


The team that leads our VBS ministry has decided that Ebenezer will not host VBS this summer. This is sad for all of us but it is a necessary step given the uncertainty of the coming months and the amount of preparation it takes to host VBS. We are grateful for the faithful and sacrificial leadership of those who serve in this ministry and we know it’s a disappointment to you that we’re not able to have VBS this year. 


Perhaps we can all think creatively together about how we can creatively disciple our children and reach out to our neighbors during the unusual summer that lies ahead. 


A devotional thought:


“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. (Proverbs 16:9)


I was reminded this week of a joke that always makes me smile: “Do you want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”


Sometimes we’re so sure we know what would be best. And we make plans accordingly. But so often God has different plans. Harder plans. Better plans. Plans that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves but plans that ultimately work together for good. 


Does that mean we shouldn’t make plans? Of course not! In order to be responsible and faithful we need to make plans. But in order to be humble, we also need to hold those plans loosely. 


Many of us had plans for this summer and then we watched them come and go. Birthday and anniversary and graduation celebrations that didn’t happen. Goals at work that we were unable to meet. Vacations that have been postponed. Daily to-do lists that just don’t ever seem to get to-done. 


I like the thought that God takes a look at our plans and gets a good laugh. He knows better. And as long as we hold our plans loosely, we can laugh too. I’m not trying to make light of hard things. I know that some people aren’t in a position to laugh right now and I respect that. But what I’m saying is that there’s a whole lot of comfort and joy that comes from knowing and believing that all the while that we’re making our little plans, God is getting something bigger done. Never before have I been more aware of the truth of Proverbs 16:9. And never have I been more grateful that while I’m making plans, God is establishing my steps. 


Wherever God guides your steps, may you enjoy the journey today.

Pastor Jason