Jason Dahlman
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First, Some Good News:



Leduc & District Growing Project has sent some information about the Foodgrains harvest this year:


"For the 2020 growing season we decided to grow CPS wheat, the seed donated by a generous neighbor, chemicals from various companies and the field work by our wonderful local farming community. We were blessed with an 86 bushel crop taken off dry - which was purchased by a chicken farmer from Ponoka. The Lord is good!


Below are some photos and a video from the harvest day. Here is a link for more information about Canadian Foodgrains Bank - https://foodgrainsbank.ca/


We are gladly accepting donations at this time with tax receipts available for 2020 if submitted before November 30th . You can feel free to mail them to me or drop them off at the church office where I will pick them up! If neither of these options work, feel free to contact me directly to arrange an alternative. Cheques can be written out to the "Leduc & District Growing Project". 


Thanks to all the farmers and volunteers who helped out!



A Devotional Thought:


“What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:9


Sometimes we’re so familiar with the promises of God that we forget how awesome they are. When we receive the Aaronic blessing after our Sunday worship service we receive the promise that God’s peace will go with us throughout the week. But I noticed this morning that this promise in Philippians is slightly different. 


In this verse, we’re not promised that "the peace of God" will be with us but that “the God of peace” will be with us. In other words, this is not just a promise that peace will be with us but that the source of peace will be with us. Think about that. 


Instead of just feeling the warmth of the sun, we get the sun itself. Instead of a cup of water to quench our thirst momentarily, we get a never-ending fountain. This verse isn’t just a promise of fleeting peace that evaporates when things get difficult. It’s a promise that the God of peace will be with us, giving us peace in all circumstances. 


And how do we get this? Paul says the God of peace will be with us when we practice the things that we’ve learned, received, heard and seen in him. In other words, there is a path of peace laid out for us in Scripture. And when we walk that path by knowing, believing and obeying God’s Word then the God of peace Himself walks with us. That’s truly an amazing promise. 


Have a blessed and peace-filled day!

Pastor Jason