Jason Dahlman
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First, some good news:


Given the unusualness of our current circumstances, Ebenezer will be offering an 8-week online discipleship course this fall. The name of the course is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Marco and I spent yesterday participating in the leadership training. Everyone will be invited to participate in this course which we will begin in October. I’m very excited about this opportunity for our church and I’ll fill you in with more details next week.   


Registration for Sunday:


Remember to register if you are planning to attend our worship service in person this Sunday. You can do so that the following link:   Google Registration


A devotional thought:


“She had heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment.” Mark 5:27


According to the disciples, a lot of people touched Jesus on the way to Jairus’s house. There was a whole crowd of people jostling with each other and bumping into our Lord. But only one of those people who touched Jesus was healed. 


This woman has been sick and suffering for 12 years. One day she heard about Jesus and she believed what she heard. So she went out to find him believing that an encounter with Jesus would heal her. Reading this story this morning caused me to ask myself: “What would it mean for me to touch Jesus today?”


My situation is obviously different than that woman two thousand years ago. I can’t touch Jesus physically because His body has ascended back up to heaven. But I can approach Jesus with the same intentionality. Instead of being like the rest of the crowd that was carelessly bumping into Jesus and paying Him no mind, I can intentionally seek Him out like this woman did. 


He has promised never to leave or forsake us. That means He’s still here. But how often have I bumped into Him and missed the opportunity for the encounter with Jesus because I was paying attention to something else? What will it look like for you to encounter the living Christ today? How will you seek Him and how will you be changed and healed by that encounter?


Maybe we’ll see each other on the Lord’s Day this Sunday. 

Or perhaps we’ll run into each other in the Ebenezer garden this week. 

Whether or not you and I have an encounter this week, I pray that you’ll have many encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. 



Pastor Jason